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Buyer Guide

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How to Buy Sneakers

Collect Sneakers

Seek help from an experienced friend. Talk to a friend who is already collecting sneakers. Discuss the expenses you can expect for tennis and styles that interest you most. Experienced collectors can indicate good sneakers and help distinguish true sneakers and imitation sneakers.

Use social media to crawl new versions. Follow your favorite brands on social networks to get the latest news on new versions of sneakers. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are great places to get the latest news on the styles you like directly from the source.

Decide if you want to wear shoes or simply display them. Consider whether the fit will be important to you when collecting sneakers. Many people prefer to keep new sneakers in a box so they can be admired for collectors’ purposes. If this is the case, it is less important to get a perfect and comfortable fit. Some collectors try to show off their favorite sports shoes in storefronts.

Choose styles that interest you naturally. Leave your natural sensitivity to what you love in your shoes. Regardless of whether you love bright colors or shoes associated with your favorite sports stars, take a spin and choose the one you love. Buying sneakers because others think they are attractive or valuable, you probably will not be as interested in buying the pair as you really want.

Read about the styles you are interested in. Use online tennis discussion forums, such as the Sole Collector, to keep up with the news and upcoming tennis events. It is also a great place to get acquainted with the jargon of the tennis collection.

Buy your athletic shoes from reliable sources. Try to buy sports shoes directly from the manufacturer or from a sports store whenever possible. Online internet sources are more likely to sell imitations and fakes of sports shoes.

Shoes must be original to offer the best resale value. Keep your shoes clean and new if you consider them an investment. Nobody is interested in buying old and scented sneakers, even if their style is unique or their version limited.

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Hand Wash Your Sneakers

Remove and clean the rope. Undo the laces and wipe them with soap brush on the washing or drainage board. Then let them dry completely before putting them on the shoe. However, if your strings have become true, you may need to buy something new.

Remove and clean the insoles. With a mix of hot soap and liquid detergent, wipe the soft with a soft brush or cloth. After that, throw the extra soap with a sponge and let them dry completely before putting it back in the shoe.

Remove excess dirt. Use a soft brush, such as a shoe brush or brush, to wipe the excess piece from your shoe. You may need to use a toothpick or a Q-tip to find a place that is hard to reach.

Mix the cleaning solution. Although there are many shine shoes solutions in the market, a simple blend of hot water and small liquid detergents is suitable for creating a small amount of soap to clean the outer of your shoes.

Strengthen your shoes. Place a small detergent solution on a cloth, soft cloth or brush and wipe your shoes. It may require some effort and some attempts, depending on the condition of your shoes. For more difficult areas, allow cleaning the solution for a few minutes, then wipe it out.

Remove excessive solution. Place lukewarm water on other fabrics, a soft cloth or a brush and remove the remaining solution until it can not be seen.

Dry your shoes. Place your shoes (and belts and insoles) in an adequate room at room temperature to dry the air. Do not place it in a warm place (for example, near the radiator) or direct sunlight, as it may damage your shoes. It is not recommended to place the shoes in the dryer, as it may be a shoe loose.

Find an easy solution in the repository

Marks mats for everyday shoes. If you and your family have a pair of shoes that you wear almost every day, the easy way to keep them in one place is to use mats specially designed for daily footwear. Place it next to the skirt or cloak and keep the family members in your shoes and align correctly so they always know where to look for it.

Use shoe rack. If you have a large collection of shoes, you will need a second place to store shoes you do not wear. Shoe shelves can easily clean shoes in a closet or in the wall of the room. Select a plastic or wood stand for shoes and shoes for the intended team, in line with the correct and remove after each use.

Keep the shoes in the bag hanging at the door. If you have some storage space, grab a shoe bag from the store and start using it to hold your partner. She kept it on the floor and designed so that they did not lose your closet floor.

Put it in the box for longer storage. If you keep shoes you will not wear for a month or more, it’s best to store them in the box. You can store shoes in the original shoe box or use a clean plastic container to see the shoes you have saved.