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Folding exercises in a busy schedule

Find small moments to stay active during the day. You do not have to spend hours doing exercises. Look for ways to do exercises for short periods, otherwise you would lead a sedentary life.

Spend less time sitting down. It is difficult for your body to sit on a chair most of the day. Try using a high table or even a high table in combination with the treadmill. If it’s not for you, try to take a break regularly to get up and walk.

Take the stairs, not the elevator. Once in the apartment or office, take the elevator and go up the stairs. If you cannot run 5 flights, you only have to climb 1 or 2 sets of stairs and try a floor every week.

Walking and cycling, instead of driving. Instead of going to nearby places, go on foot or by bike if possible. For example, go shopping in a supermarket, go to the store several times a week.


Consult your doctor before starting routine exercises. It is especially important to contact your doctor if you have a history of heart, bone, muscle, joint or other conditions. Ask your doctor for advice on how to safely start training and recommend exercises that are beneficial to your specific condition.

Drink plenty of water before, during and after training. Try to drink approximately 2 glasses (470 ml) of water before training and 1 glass (240 ml) every 15 to 20 minutes during training. Your body will need more water to help your muscles work and replace lost fluid when you sweat.

Choose clothing that matches your activity. As a rule, you must wear clothing that does not limit movement or circulation. For some forms of exercise, such as cycling, you can wear tight clothing, but that should not be too tight. Loose workwear is great for bodybuilding, brisk walking and sports such as basketball or football.

Wear athletic shoes that support and cushion. When buying shoes, pay attention to sports shoes with sturdy rubber soles. Good shoes cannot be folded in half. So hold it between your thumb and heel and check whether the soles are resistant to pressure.

Stop exercising if you feel pain. “No pain, no gain” is not the advice to follow. If you feel sharp pain, stop the activity. Try to rest in the affected area until the pain subsides.

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How to work at home without equipment

Do you have trouble adjusting your work? You can not have a routine, but you need more tasks and do not know where to start? Game taxes and training materials that will free you?

We have made some research to find a way to get started free and, most importantly, to enjoy your day, at home or wherever you are.

The goal of cardiovascular training is to increase heart rate and increase blood circulation.

If you want to improve your heart condition (remember it’s a muscle), lose weight, get rid of your mind or improve your health, you can help cardio exercises.

The NHS performs cardio exercise at home within 10 minutes, until you are ready to move for longer.

Walking is the best way to be active, doing it anywhere and in the right way for you. If you want to increase the fares, Couch 5K will take you from the 30 minute walk to nine weeks.

Now that you are moving, meet the same people in the park near you. Weekly 5K every Saturday morning is a great social event. Check out our travel guide for more ways and reasons to run.

There are other ways to go home: pick up old straps or wear music and dance. Setting your speed within 15 minutes will not only work in your heart, it will dazzle you. Or close the curtains and try the stomach work in the stomach.

Work hard and support your muscles

Strength and resistance training will help to strengthen muscles and improve the movement.

These are usually done in the area and you can not breathe as cardio exercises, but they definitely work to improve fitness and improve health.

Some exercise tools use heavy bands or barriers, but you should not stop them. Just look inside your closet and insert a box of beans or rice bags.

The NHS organized a 10-minute reinforcing exercise for overall fitness in general, as well as feet, homeless and focused tumor exercises, especially bingo wings.


Initin. If you walk on track, run and run. You calm down your mind and body with upcoming sprints. As in the previous section, do not stretch now, stretch later. Heat the abdomen and leg muscles by not developing, but perform exercises such as sudden and lightning movements.

Run everything. The sprint length depends on you. Do you want to do it within a distance or time? If you plan on interval training (which is a good idea), limit it to about 30 seconds.

Run faster with your whole body. There are two ways to walk faster: use your heart and arms. You can use your body for your advantage to save time. Slow down. After sprint, take a break and take a walk. It allows you to normalize the oxygen level and prepare for the next sprint.

Sip water. If you need sprints of water, get some small sips. Do not swallow or swallow, though it is tempting; Drinking excessive water in the middle of a run can cause spasms.

Relax and lie down. The muscles work slowly after the spruce to minimize spasms and fragments. Create a lighter version of exercise that you make to heat yourself in addition to stretching.

Walking or a minute on the treadmill. Your heart works to accelerate and slow your body. Going from 60 to 0 is as easy as running from 0 to 60. Perhaps you’re running for health, so it’s better to do it right!

Buy your Running shoes

Keep your mind open. Although there are shoes that look perfect for you, they are in your color, do not let your cheaters buy uncomfortable shoes. You spend a lot of time and sweat a lot on a new shoe. Try and look at the best pairs.

Ask questions about specialization in your shoe type. Even if you buy special shoes, such as sneakers or motion control shoes, these categories are more welcome. For example, the stability of shoes that will wear shoes will not work well with the rivets in the heel.

Destroy your shoes to avoid blisters and increase comfort. Even if your shoes fit on your feet, and your feet fix your new shoes, there may be very little disputes that can cause tremors. Start breaking your new shoes by faster walking or walking So you have no chance of blurring.

Ask and use major declarations. Many shoe stores allow shoes to be restored up to a month after their purchase. If after some tests you decide not to fit your new shoes, return them and find something more appropriate.