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Trail Running vs Road Running Fila Women’s Memory Multiswift 3 Running Shoe Reviews

Folding exercises in a busy schedule

Find small moments to stay active during the day. You do not have to spend hours doing exercises. Look for ways to do exercises for short periods, otherwise you would lead a sedentary life.

Spend less time sitting down. It is difficult for your body to sit on a chair most of the day. Try using a high table or even a high table in combination with the treadmill. If it’s not for you, try to take a break regularly to get up and walk.

Take the stairs, not the elevator. Once in the apartment or office, take the elevator and go up the stairs. If you cannot run 5 flights, you only have to climb 1 or 2 sets of stairs and try a floor every week.

Walking and cycling, instead of driving. Instead of going to nearby places, go on foot or by bike if possible. For example, go shopping in a supermarket, go to the store several times a week.


Consult your doctor before starting routine exercises. It is especially important to contact your doctor if you have a history of heart, bone, muscle, joint or other conditions. Ask your doctor for advice on how to safely start training and recommend exercises that are beneficial to your specific condition.

Drink plenty of water before, during and after training. Try to drink approximately 2 glasses (470 ml) of water before training and 1 glass (240 ml) every 15 to 20 minutes during training. Your body will need more water to help your muscles work and replace lost fluid when you sweat.

Choose clothing that matches your activity. As a rule, you must wear clothing that does not limit movement or circulation. For some forms of exercise, such as cycling, you can wear tight clothing, but that should not be too tight. Loose workwear is great for bodybuilding, brisk walking and sports such as basketball or football.

Wear athletic shoes that support and cushion. When buying shoes, pay attention to sports shoes with sturdy rubber soles. Good shoes cannot be folded in half. So hold it between your thumb and heel and check whether the soles are resistant to pressure.

Stop exercising if you feel pain. “No pain, no gain” is not the advice to follow. If you feel sharp pain, stop the activity. Try to rest in the affected area until the pain subsides.

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Use your environment

Discover the potential of your home for a great cardio exercise. Running is not just cardio activity and you do not need StairMaster when you have real size. Walk or walk down the stairs, according to your needs. You can also perform operations as follows.

Including strength training. You can be creative with what your home offers. Walls, floors and furniture are the best solution for strengthening exercise. There are many training options around your home. If you do not have much space on the floor, use the heavy wall. You can also use the wall to lift straight by placing the body against the wall. Place your hands in the triangle in front of your chest and push.

Use different furniture throughout the home. Just look at your tools and see how they can be used for their potential training.

Yoga practice. Yoga training is easy to do at home because they only need to use the floor (and mat, if any). Yoga can be good for small cardio exercises or to soothe and stretch after your exercise routine. The mind can also calm and relax.

Run Long Distance

Get right for your shoes. Keep your shoes running in the shape of your feet as long as you can not be too tight. You do not want to be bothered by bulbs in the middle of the race. The longer you run, the better your shoes will be. If you run daily, your shoes will last only 4 to 6 months. If your feet suddenly begin to hurt you, it’s time to look for a new partner.

Load carbohydrates. If you decide to join for 10k or more, it is advisable to load a carbohydrate in a day or two before. But we have to do it! You do not want too much fiber, protein or fat. And it should hurry to catch up to avoid the risk of nausea during the race!

It’s hot. Run the speed of the conversation or slightly slower in 10 minutes and faster in five minutes. Follow him after training. (High knee, butta kick, jump) It will take your circulation without removing too much energy before its time. All of this depends on whether your heart rate starts to grow.

Peace to yourself. At the very beginning, you will be ready and ready to go. You start like a bat in hell … and you get tired quickly. Instead of exhausting yourself (as in sprint), run at a speed that you can keep constant. You will last a lot, much longer.

Do not lose when you’re tired. When you’re tired, try focusing on other goals, like half a mile, or thinking of something to do when you’re done. Stay hydrated It is very important to stay hydrated for the long term. If the time is longer than 50 minutes, stop. However, if you get the water on time, take a sip. Washing water in the middle of the race causes confusion. And you may need to pee!

Cool. At the end of your trip, jog and walk. Your heart rate should be close to the resting speed when you stop. If you stop while sliding the brick walls, your heart and muscles will hurry up. This is the kind of activity that causes damage! Do not let it be part of the exercise. If you are within 30 minutes, do it within 30 minutes, then, and only then, listen to yourself.

Buy your Running shoes

Keep your mind open. Although there are shoes that look perfect for you, they are in your color, do not let your cheaters buy uncomfortable shoes. You spend a lot of time and sweat a lot on a new shoe. Try and look at the best pairs.

Ask questions about specialization in your shoe type. Even if you buy special shoes, such as sneakers or motion control shoes, these categories are more welcome. For example, the stability of shoes that will wear shoes will not work well with the rivets in the heel.

Destroy your shoes to avoid blisters and increase comfort. Even if your shoes fit on your feet, and your feet fix your new shoes, there may be very little disputes that can cause tremors. Start breaking your new shoes by faster walking or walking So you have no chance of blurring.

Ask and use major declarations. Many shoe stores allow shoes to be restored up to a month after their purchase. If after some tests you decide not to fit your new shoes, return them and find something more appropriate.